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Project 2

Contextual fit

The Smith Family has commissioned me to design an addition to their house on the shore of Long Island Sound. The original house, designed in 1965 by architect Richard Meier, has been widely published and is internationally known. Unfortunately, the Owners needs have change since the original design, thereby warranting this architectural intervention. The Owner specifically request that the integrity of the original design be respected, yet the new addition should have its own presence.

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Inspiration- Sunflowers

Brianna and Glen bought the Smith house in order to bring them closer to the water. They love having company over and enjoying the birds and water. They love nature and being outside. They have 2 little girls ages 6 and 9. Having two crazy little girls Brianna and Glen would love a more secluded master bedroom to get away from the kids. They would like an outdoor deck that is private so they can relax and the children can be playing out on the other deck that is still in site. Brianna and Glen absolutely love sunflowers and would love for their new addition to represent one.

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Public                                  Private

Family room                        Master

Outdoor space                Exercise room

Dining room                      Bedroom

Kitchen                              Bathroom

Living Space                 Sleep/Relaxing

Family room                   Master

Outdoor space               Bedroom

Dining room                   Bathroom


Exercise room

Open                         Closed

Family room              Master

Outdoor space          Exercise room

Dining room               Bedroom

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